We studied so that we can enjoy
the blacak goat without any burden.

You can get the best quality meat at a reasonable price, and at the same time, goat meat
We are expanding our range by releasing processed products that take into account consumer tastes so that we can enjoy them without resistance.

Black Goat extract

Natural grazing black goat with good ingredients for men and women of all ages
we're added our heart to pray for the health and happiness of precious people.

  • About 20 traditional ingredients
  • Domestic black goat
  • honey-filled
  • Manufactured at HACCP facility

Safe and Healthy Natural Grazing Black Goat

The benevolent black goat extract was naturally grazed
We carefully selected only healthy black goats.

20 kinds of traditional ingredients that are carefully boiled

The Black Goat Jin Solution is a unique product of black goats by carefully selecting about 20 ingredients
We can give it to those who are new to black chlorine dust by catching the smell.