Food distribution culture specializing in
agricultural and livestock products in Korea
HYUNJUN is aiming for challenge and innovation

HYUNJUN Corporation has continued its efforts for sustainable growth since 2020.
Hyunjun Corporation's efforts for a better agricultural environment will continue in the future.



  • 2020
  • history
  • Agricultural company Hyunjun Co, Launches Livestock Business Department

    Establishment of Hyunjun Corporation

    Clean Australian Lambgoat Distribution Enters Goat Business

  • 2021
  • history
  • "Lambgoat" trademark application

    "Lambgoat" has achieved No. 1 market share in the domestic chlorine market

  • 2022
  • history
  • MOU signed with WME in April Korea's first standard product 'Square Cut' is released

    WME visits Australia headquarters in May

    WME Exporter Manager Visits Korea in July

    WME's Managing Director visits Korea in August

    November launch of Black Goat extract from benevolent ship

  • 2023
  • history
  • Launch of Jaeaham white powder in February

    Lamb Business to Expand