Make your customers happy, make the world rich

Hyunjun Corporation launched the food brand "Jaeaham," starting with "Lambgoat," a brand specializing in livestock distribution,
We are continuously expanding and growing our business areas, including research and development tailored to customer needs.
The livestock sector is more active in responding to rapidly changing trends through partnerships with overseas locations,
We provide safe and fresh products through a hygienic and systematic management system.
The food business unit has launched products of differentiated quality that reflect the needs of customers
to improve the health of consumers putting safety first We will continue to change and innovate without being complacent. HYUNJUN Corporation aims for a stable and proven B2B business by establishing a manufacturing cost reduction process
We promise to make more efforts to deliver delicious joy by practicing consumer-centered management.

HYUNJUN Corporation CEO Shin Jin Woong
HYUNJUN -Identity

Hyunjun Corporation's symbol is
It symbolizes the land, sky, and sea, which means nature.
It's about giving people everything
they can get from nature It contains Hyunjun's will to play the role of connecting.