New Trends in Agricultural and
Livestock Distribution Business

Hyunjun started entering the goat meat distribution business through the brand 'Lambgoat'
launched in 2021 We supply safe and fresh products through a hygienic and systematic distribution management system. Specifically, we aim for a stable and proven B2B business by establishing a manufacturing cost reduction
process, We purchase and supply products suitable for various consumer markets at optimal prices.
Currently, we are focusing on the distribution of fresh food and expanding our business areas such as processed food and industrial products.

Existing Market Distribution Process

  • Income
  • wholesaler
  • process
  • Re-freezing
  • Sale

Hyunjun Corporation leads the change.

We solved the typical shortcomings of existing products
such as quality preservation, metering, and cost reduction.

  • Income
  • By direct import
    Ensuring Fresh Quality
  • Sale