For delicious goat meat cooking
A special solution unique to benevolence

Too much in the process of cooking to catch the unique smell of goat meat
The use of spices and spices rather harms the taste of meat.

White Falvor

To help you enjoy more delicious goat meat, we have launched a special solution called "White Falvor."

  • 7 Selected Natural Ingredients
  • Pouch type
  • Solution type that focuses on the smell of goat meat


It reduces the cumbersome process
of removing the unique smell of goat meat.

Without preparing various ingredients
You can easily get rid of the smell with a single pouch.


It contains good ingredients from nature
You can control the smell and enjoy the flavor as it is.

Instead of excessive seasoning that interferes with the flavor of goat meat
It contains seven carefully selected ingredients, including Hwangchil.

The white Flavor is for a fixed transaction
with Lambgoat It's free of charge.

It catches the unique smell of the goat
The meat has a deep scent and gives
it a cleaner taste It facilitates intake.